How do I choose among competing bids on solar panel installs?

Have you decided to get more than 1 bid on the installation of your solar electric system? (it's a good idea to do so), you now need to take the steps to ensure that all of the quotes you receive are made on the same rate basis. As an example, comparing a quote for a system mounted on the ground against another quote for a rooftop system is not going to be the same price or equipment. Due to different types of solar electric panels generate more electricity per square foot than others can do so this out weights a lot of things.

Bids should clearly state the maximum generating capacity of the system (measured in watts or kilowatts). If possible, have the bids specify the system capacity in "AC watts" under a standard set of test conditions, or specify the output of the system at the inverter. You may want to obtain some estimate of the amount of energy that the system will produce on an annual basis (measured in kilowatt-hours).

Its clear top see the amount of energy depends on the amount of sunlight you have at any due time - which varies by location, season, and year to year - their is no one specific figure.

What about high quotes?

At range of + 20% is more realistic. Quotes should include the total costs of setting the solar electric system up and getting it running, including all hardware, plus the installation, connection to the grid, permitting, sales tax, and your warranty. The warranty is a very important factor for evaluating quotes. As all solar rebates may require that systems be covered by, a 2 year parts-and-labor written installation warranty, in addition to any manufacturers' warranties on all specific components. The installer may offer longer warranties. Also ask yourself, "Will this company stand behind the full-system warranty for the next 2 years?"

What You Need To Know About Solar Power Installation For Your Home

Before installing any type of solar power system, it is necessary for you to understand the basics of solar power. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the prospect of installing a solar power system. However, with the right information you will appreciate your system after installation.

Solar power generation is a fairly simple process. Let’s look at solar power electricity generation. Solar panels are aimed toward the sun. The panels capture solar energy as the sun reflects on to the panels. Sunlight is concentrated so it heats a heat transfer fluid. The fluid must be heated to a high temperature. Once it is heated, this fluid is used to generate steam. The steam operates the subsystem which converts the sun’s energy into electrical energy, producing electricity.

If you have never installed a solar power system before, let the professionals handle it. Many solar power companies install systems free of charge for customers. Others will charge a fee for installation. There are companies who only handle the installation of systems. While the installation is not difficult in and of itself, the system is technology based. If you are not familiar with the technology, you can inadvertently damage a component. In particular, you want to be careful with the panels. To reduce as much risk as possible to your system, hire a professional.

If you are not in the mood to install a complete solar power system, consider purchasing a portable solar power generation system. The system is built like a generator. The portable panel weights 80 pounds. A cable connects the panel to the generator. You simply move the panel to wherever the alternate power is needed. Adjust the tilt frames of the solar panel to ensure proper sun reflection. These portable systems can serve as power centers in at your home or business. Like other solar power systems, the portable generator has no exhaust because it emits no fumes or other polluting particles. However, these systems are not intended for regular ongoing use.

Once you have completed the installation of your solar power system, your work is far from finished. You need to continue to follow basic energy conservation guidelines to get the best results from your system. You should use fluorescent light bulbs throughout your house. Technology is a big energy drain in homes today. Minimize use of your television. Turn your computers and monitors off when they are not in use. Make sure all major appliances and technology equipment are plugged into power cords.

Solar power installation may seem a daunting task. However, you realize you will have an immediate positive impact on the environment by converting to solar power. Installing a system that will produce clean renewable energy is an added benefit to all of your hard work. The resulting energy and cost savings may well be immeasurable.