Who sells and installs solar electric systems?

In some locations, finding a solar electric provider can be as simple as picking up the telephone directory and looking under "Solar Energy Equipment and Systems - Dealers." Be aware, however, that many of those listings are for solar water-heating companies. Many of these companies may not be experienced in solar electric system design or installation. Similarly, many electrical contractors, although proficient in typical electrical contracting work, may not have expertise in solar electric or with residential roof-mounting techniques.

How do you identify solar electric system providers? Here are several suggestions. Check the Directory of the U.S. Solar lectric Industry, which is posted at the following Web address: http://www.eren.doe.gov/solar electric/solar electricdirectory.html

Contact the Solar Energy Industries Association for a list of solar service providers (202-383-2600).

Contact your utility company to see which vendors it might recommend.Conduct a search on the Internet.

Unless you are skilled in solar electric installation, you should consider hiring a reputable professional contractor with experience in installing solar electric systems.

Is the lowest price the "best deal"?

It might not be. Often, you get what you pay for. Remember that a solar overhead and operating expenses that must be covered. It's always possible Companies that plan to stay in business must charge enough for their margin. Therefore, price should not be your only consideration.